Edward Durell Stone - portrait
Collier's House of Ideas, New York, NY
(Interior Decorator: Dan Cooper; Furniture: Jens Risom)
Hotel Fredericka (Sam Peck Hotel), Little Rock, AR
(Architect of Record: H. Ray Burks; Interior Decorator: Dan Cooper)
Paul T. Frankl Residence, Los Angeles, CA
(Architect of Record: Douglas Honnold)
W.T. Grant Residence, East River, CT
Better Homes and Gardens, Six Weekend Cottages
Hunt & Winterbotham Mills Showroom, New York, NY
(Associate Architect: Carl Landefeld; Interior Decorator:
T. H. Robsjohn-Gibbings)
U.S. Public Housing, Mifflin-Whitaker Project, Pittsburgh, PA
(Associate Architects: Hill, Hoover, Heckler & Kohankie)
Architectural Forum Prefabricated Home
(Associate Architects: J. Stanley Sharp, Cope Walbridge)
U.S. Public Housing, Cherry Point Homes, Cherry Point, NC
(Associate Architects: John J. Rowland and Allen J. Maxwell, Jr.)
Major, U.S. Army Air Force, Chief of Planning and Design Section, assigned to Directorate of Base Services, Gravelly Point, VA and to U.S. Army Air Force Headquarters, Bolling Field, Washington, DC; Chairman, Joint Army-Navy Planning Committee.
Stone was actively involved in planning major facilities at the following U.S. Army Air Force bases:
Boca Raton Army Air Field (Boca Raton Airport), Boca Raton, FL
Camp Springs Army Air Field (Andrews Air Force Base), Camp Springs, MD
Fairfield-Suisun Army Air Base (Travis Air Force Base), Fairfield, CA
Maxwell Field (Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base), Montgomery, AL
Muroc Army Air Field (Edwards Air Force Base), Edwards, CA
Alabama State Office Building, Montgomery, AL
(Associate Architects: Sherlock, Smith & Adams)
Bernard Tomson Residence, Great Neck, NY
(Interior Decorator: T. H. Robsjohn- Gibbings)
El Panama Hotel, Panama City, Republic of Panama
(Associate Architects: Mendez & Saunders; Landscape Architect:
Thomas D.Church; Interior Decorator: Florence Bates Hayward)
Good Housekeeping, Model Home
Howard Myers Apartment Renovation, New York, NY
Ingersoll Steel Utility Unit Model Home, Kalamazoo, MI
(Associate Architect: Stanley J. Reese)
Jacques Makowsky Residence, Kings Point, NY
Joseph S. Wohl Residence, Lawrence, NY
Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Company Solar House for New York State
Rhinebeck Central High School, Rhinebeck, NY (Project)
(Associate Architects: Moore & Hutchins)
Vandiver Apartments, Montgomery, Alabama
Walter Janney Residence, Cold Spring Harbor, NY
Betsy Head Recreational Building, Brooklyn, NY
City Investment Company Theater Complex, New York, NY (Project)
Fred Maduro Residence, Great Neck, NY
Great Neck Memorial Hospital, Great Neck, Long Island, NY (Project)
(Associate Architect: Isadore Rosenfield)
Life Magazine Model Home, "A House for the Country"
Seymour Kimmel Residence, Larchmont, NY
Vanderbilt University, Master Plan for Building Program, Nashville, TN
ABC Television Building, New York, NY (Project)
(Associate Architects & Engineers: John Sloan Associates)
Durisol Corporation Model Homes, Garrison, NY
Robert L. Popper Residence, White Plains, NY
Victoria Theater Alterations, New York, NY
William S. Rayburn Residence, White Plains, NY
Woman's Home Companion Magazine, Model Home
W.T. Grant Residence, Greenwich, CT
Bertram N. Linder Residence, Scranton, PA
David Stech Residence, Armonk Village, NY
Fine Arts Center, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR
(Associate Architects: Haralson & Mott)
Ladies Home Journal Magazine Model Homes
Lawrence T. Waitz Small Animal Hospital, Hempstead, NY
Remy Morosani Residence, Litchfield, CT
(Landscape Architect: Thomas D. Church)
Sigma Nu Fraternity House, Fayetteville, AR
William Thurnauer Residence, Englewood, NJ
Winter Memorial Hospital, Menninger Clinic, Topeka, KS
(Associate Architects: Griest & Ekdahl, Isadore Rosenfield)